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The fastest place to build and launch your idea

The only FCA authorised independent incubator + fund, the Insurtech Gateway is the fastest place to build and launch an insurtech idea.

The insurance industry has so many barriers to entry, founders often run out of energy and money just trying to get in.  The Gateway is a one-stop-shop for founders, where they can get underwriting paper, investment capital and advice on how to design and build their startup, all surrounded by great insurance partners. The Gateway fund supports the portfolio post incubation, to Series A and beyond.

How we enable speed

Insurance capacity

So that you can start a pilot

Underwriting partnerships made easy

Our panel of insurer and reinsurer partners provide our insurtech portfolio with underwriting capacity; accordingly providing support for the policy and product development, however the wording and pricing is the startups intellectual property. Finding an underwriter to take on liability for a product can often take up to 12 months or more, leveraging our panel and Lumley’s network of insurance experts, we can save startups this time and hassle.

On-demand investment

We take away the uncertainty

Investment pipeline from Pre-Seed to Series B+

We treat each deal on a case by case basis. We are always founders-first in our approach, both in our unique terms and also supporting the rest of their investment process. We have a wide ranging ability to frame and fund our businesses to achieve growth goals. We call on the relationships of Angels, Family Offices, our shareholders (including Hambro Perks) and strategics; calling on the most appropriate funding to ensure startups can achieve their goals. As we don’t run a set programme we can support this time consuming process to leave founders energy in place for the Sales program, which is the lifeblood of any successful business. 

The Gateway fund enables us to give startups an unprecedented level of support; from pre-pre seed, right the way through to series A and beyond.

how we enable speed

2-week authorisation process

This normally takes up to 12 months

The world’s 1st authorised insurtech incubator.

To sell an insurance product  you must be fully authorised by the FCA. The Gateway is authorised in it’s own right, which allows our insurtech startups to sell their products as an Appointed Representative of the Gateway, under our license. Here, founders can start testing their product in a number of weeks, rather than 12 months. We will also support their journey to gain independent authorisation, so they can go solo when they are ready.

What is Insurtech Gateway?

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