Getting founders to market… fast

Insurtech Gateway allows founders to retain more equity in their business as the time required to get authorisation, underwriting capacity and investment capital is reduced. In turn this decreases the need to raise frequently and further dilution.

A typical Insurtech journey...

Founding teams can quickly setup and get their insurance idea to market in the space of 3 months, testing out multiple propositions to see what sticks in the market.

What we are looking for

  • Founders and small teams who have energy and passion.
  • Adaptable leaders.
  • Pre-seed, seed or unproven business models.
  • An overseas idea looking to validate in the UK.
  • A strong proposition centred around customer needs.
  • Competitive advantage through data and technology.
  • Solutions that would benefit from being developed outside of the insurance sector, across all lines of insurance.
  • Leverages our rapid pilot and launch capability.

Preparation is key

The following articles will help founders get some market and distribution insights into their plan before they start pitching.

Applications are rolling!

If you think Insurtech Gateway could help you take your startup to the next level, pop your details below and we will send you a form to help you structure your thoughts. Making sure you get the most out of your time when we meet. We are not cohort based or a set programme, our door is always open. If you are not quite ready to pitch, book a ‘drop in’ meeting, for an exploratory and confidential chat, with one of our team.


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We can’t wait to hear all about your new Insurtech business idea! Enter your information and we will send you a form to help you structure your thoughts. This will ensure you get the most out of your time when we meet.

What else does the gateway offer?

Hassle free compliance

Founders don’t like to spend time on compliance when they could be building their business and testing their products. We enable them to become an Appointed Representative of the Insurtech Gateway, and thus operate under our FCA authorisation.
We provide simple guidelines to help founders quickly understand and pass through the authorisation process. This includes: regulatory framework, operating model and day-to-day compliance requirements, all supported by expertise on-hand.


  • Day-to-day compliance and operating support; including regulatory and underwriting requirement fulfilment. E.g. Underwriting bordereau, claims, etc.
  • Provision of and guidance on complaints procedures, data protection, anti-money laundering procedures and the detection and prevention of financial crime.
  • The provision of fully segregated client trust accounts for the handling of client money.
  • Reconciliation of trust accounts to the ledger in accordance with FCA CASS rules.
Insurtech Gateway incubator


Insurtech Gateway invests cash to get you off the ground. When you outgrow the incubator, our dedicated insurtech fund kicks in to support you to Series A and beyond. If you need to raise funds outside of the Gateway, we have an established network of investors on call.


We provide access to a range of mentors from the Insurtech Gateway, in addition to Hambro Perks and Lumley’s wider network. These include experts across various sectors, who have held leadership positions in insurance, financial services, government and other key relevant sectors.

Studio space

We have beautiful office space on the 9th floor of the Hoxton - Southwark. Founders normally base themselves alongside our team at the start of their incubation, which means we are easily available to give you full support. Our space allows you to hang out with early-stage Gateway founders and other up-and-coming businesses, across a range of industries. Oh and did we mention, we are dog friendly. So please bring your furry buddies!

Gateway goodies

Meet our carefully selected and road-tested suppliers.

We have negotiated and streamlined the briefing and on-boarding with each of the services below to save you months of time, and in most cases, over £250k of savings.

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IT Infrastructure

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Business services

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Insurance support