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The InsurTech businesses in our portfolio all have a strong ideology. They bring trust back to the insurance industry, and remind us that customers should be at the heart of every business. They tear up the insurance rule book and risk it to win big. They know tech and insurance combined has the potential to change the world we live in.


Making digital investments simple, safe and secure for everyone.

Insurance, monitoring and recovery for digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

Coincover is the launch product of DAS and the world’s first service to guarantee cryptocurrency will not be lost or stolen.

Digital Asset Services Founders

“When you’re doing something new, it can be hard to find believers. When you’re trying to do InsurTech and Blockchain at the same time it can be almost impossible! From the very start, we had believers in the Gateway team. They have helped us shape big ideas into deliverable solutions and found forward-thinking leaders in the insurance industry who are willing to embrace new opportunities”

David Janczewski, Co-Founder, DAS

Digital Asset Services Founders

DAS vision: Cryptocurrencies are a decade old, yet they remain relatively niche on account of their complexity and perceived risks. DAS plans to change this! By allowing anyone to insure their Digital Assets, DAS will make the market more accessible for everyone whilst at the same time making it more secure.

“Thanks to the Gateway’s network, we were able to meet with senior executives in both insurance and reinsurance. The meeting was entitled “Bonkers or Brilliant?” and, with Stephen and Rob from the Gateway team at our side, we explained our idea to a room of business leaders. After ten minutes, we had finished our pitch and waited for a response. It seemed like an age, although we are told it was no more than a few seconds, the most senior person in the room said “well, it’s not bonkers” and smiled. From that moment, we were on our way and haven’t looked back! We wouldn’t have been at the starting line without the Gateway.”

Adam Smith, Co-Founder, DAS


Fleet insurance – but smart.

The world’s first live vehicle data feed, to assist fleet managers control their own insurance exposure. Humn are on a mission to reset insurance for ride-hailing, vehicle sharing and delivery services fleet operators.


“Partnering with the InsurTech Gateway has allowed us to throw away our Lonely Planet guide to insurance and travel some of the more remote routes of the industry safely and quickly, leaving us to do what we do best and saving us at least 10 months in getting to market with a wrapped insurance product.”

Mark Musson, CEO & Founder, Humn


Real-time individual risk scoring makes the risk transparent. Humn delivers streaming data from connected devices. They enrich this stream with contextual data such as weather, daylight, and road-type before producing a risk score every 200 milli-seconds. This risk scoring allows insurers to provide pricing by the moment, abolishing pricing on averages.

The Gateway invested in Humn at the Pre-Seed stage in Jan 2019. Since then, the Gateway has worked closely with the Humn team to source insurance capacity, provide regulatory approvals, and assist with other elements of the insurance and wider business proposition.


The insurance industry relies on incorrect property data. Geospatial data is incorrect and vital building characteristic data is simply not available.

Insurdata has created technology to solve this problem.

insurdata founders

There have been a few Gateway moments already! One striking one was standing in the stormy sea, fully suited and booted, for publicity photos. Not an everyday occurrence at Insurdata, but the Gateway are always pushing the boundaries to make extraordinary things happen, and that is why we love working with them!”

Jason Futers, Co-Founder, Insurdata

insurdata founders

Insurdata vision: Creating the exposure platform. Precise property data, including relevant building data, are vital to assess risk. Insurdata technology enables re/insurers to generate high resolution, accurate, peril-specific data in real-time, available throughout their workflow, from underwriting and pricing, through to portfolio management and risk transfer. This data is accessible via API and the Insurdata Exposure Portal.

“The Gateway and Insurdata are separately tackling the Insurance industry’s biggest challenges. Working together is a very natural fit and we’re delighted to be joining their portfolio.”

Jeremy Sterns,Co-Founder, Insurdata


Jumpstart gets money to more people when they need it most, starting with earthquakes in California.

It’s simple insurance that pays a lump-sum after a pre-specified event, to cover life’s disruption.


“What we appreciate most about the InsurTech Gateway team is their fortitude.  It takes a ton of endurance and grit for founders to bring a new concept to market, and they match us mile for mile.”

Kate Stillwell, Founder, Jumpstart


Jumpstart’s approach:  Keeps what people love about insurance – getting paid – and eliminates all the things people hate about insurance: hassle, paperwork, and delays.

Applicable to any shock, Jumpstart are starting with literal shocks – of the earth, where the need is glaring: 9 out of 10 Californians don’t buy conventional quake insurance, which is complicated and costly, yet everyone believes the big one is overdue.  This makes California an ideal beachhead – not only is the untapped market substantial ($6B), it’s ripe for a solution.


The sharing economy has disrupted deep tracts of the mainstream economy. Millions of people are now using it to provide a secondary, or even primary, income. Traditional insurance doesn’t cover the risks created and that acts as a barrier to entry, or as an unhappy discovery further down the road.

We’re a team dedicated to growing the peer-to-peer economy. We’re passionate about sharing and encouraging everyone to get involved. We know the risks, and simply, that is why we exist. So we’re here to make sure that insurance is not a barrier to participation and growth.

“We tell our clients, GUARDHOG equals growth. When we met the InsurTech Gateway team, we came to the conclusion that the Gateway equals growth. Put both those things together and you have an exciting looking future.”

Humphrey Bowles, Co-Founder, GUARDHOG

The problem: The peer-to-peer (p2p) economy blurs the relationship between private and commercial. For example, a home owner becoming a hotelier (host) for 6 weeks a year. Insurers look at p2p users as ‘businesses’, and therefore these ‘commercial’ activities are not covered by traditional private lines policies, creating a niche.

Solution: GUARDHOG’s usage-based insurance platform allows clients to sync their sharing accounts to GUARDHOG, who track their activity and automatically put cover in place when, and only when, they share.


Event-based flood insurance is the best way to provide affordable protection to those who need it most.

FloodFlash policies pay out as soon as flood water reaches a pre-agreed depth. This cutting-edge technology provides bespoke, fair premiums, for everyone, everywhere.

FloodFlash Founders Adam and Ian

“The team behind the InsurTech Gateway have formidable breadth of knowledge when it comes to getting start-ups off the ground. They get what startups need, have an impressive network, and the opportunity for incoming startups to cut down their time to market will be very valuable.”

Adam Rimmer, Co-Founder, FloodFlash

FloodFlash Founders Adam and Ian

FloodFlash vision: Flood is arguably the largest unsolved problem in insurance: of the $50bn in loss that occurs each year, $41bn is uncovered by insurance. FloodFlash are using concepts from the world of insurance-linked securities in mass-market products that can help close that global protection gap.

Gateway moment: Adam and Ian had found a concept of huge potential, and were looking for backers to enable them to move away from their jobs, and to build their business-case for investment. The Gateway immediately saw the potential in the FloodFlash duo, and jumped at the chance to offer them a safe landing, committing to a first investment. This was the boost they needed to take the leap and become full time founders, transforming their idea into a reality.

Blog: Finally Affordable Flood Insurance for Everyone 

By Miles

Pay-by-mile car insurance for savvy drivers. A simple, straightforward policy that better fits the way you live.

Traditional insurance doesn’t make sense if you don’t drive much. With By Miles, a fixed annual cost covers your car while it’s parked, then you just pay for the miles you drive each month.


James and Callum by miles founders

“As a new InsurTech startup, making inroads in the traditional insurance world can be a slow process. With support from the InsurTech Gateway we were able to meet the right people at the right time, which was really helpful.”

James Blackham, Co-Founder and CEO at By Miles


James and Callum by miles founders

By Miles vision: Traditional insurance doesn’t make sense if you don’t drive much. By Miles saw the opportunity to use telematics technology in a unique way, providing economical, pay-as-you-go, car insurance. Their core values are fairer pricing, total transparency and making insurance easier to manage.

Gateway moment: By Miles was one of the most talked about new models in town, but with so many underwriters to choose from, the founders were faced with the mammoth task of deciding which partner would be the best fit. With the help of Rob Lumley, Co-Founder of the Gateway, they were able to find a partner with a healthy appetite for innovation, and with AXA’s help they set about disrupting an industry that hadn’t previously changed much in decades.

Blog: Strong Teams = Winning Startups


Risk Trading for Web 3.0

Nayms are building a platform that allows cryptocurrency holders to invest in “Underwriting Smart Contracts” that provide cover for crypto-related risk.

“The stats for startup success aren’t always encouraging. It is clear that a key partner is needed to raise an initial concept above the noise and therefore vastly increase the likelihood of building a sustainable company. InsurTech Gateway are that key for Nayms. They bring a multitude of strengths across insurance expertise to fundraising support and we look forward to working with them over the years to come.”

Dan Roberts, Co-Founder at Nayms


By using blockchain as a means of managing and aggregating smaller underwriters, they enable a far more efficient and inclusive method of delivering capital to all types of risk compared to the current insurance market. Plus, their platform allows the underwriting of fiat denominated risk as well.

Watch this space… Startup currently in deep incubation!


Self-employed but not alone.

Get the security of big company employment without losing the flexibility you love.


“We are on a mission to create a social safety net for the freelance economy. Our vision hinges on our ability to re-invent protection, rewards and benefits for freelancers. We felt the Gateway was the perfect partner to help us build and test new forms of protection insurance products aimed at meeting the needs of our target consumer base. Their general advice as well as their ability to help us get regulated and underwritten in a significantly reduced time period made us feel there was no better place to launch Collective.”

Anthony Beilin, Founder at Collective


Stronger together.

Collective is a community for freelancers and the self-employed. They provide our members with access to an exclusive range of protections, benefits, and perks normally reserved for big company employees. They’ve researched and negotiated the best possible deals, using their collective buying power to guarantee the lowest possible prices.

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