Digital Asset Services

Digital Asset Services

Making digital investments simple, safe & secure for everyone

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The launch product of Digital Asset Services (DAS), Coincover, is the world’s first combined security & insurance solution for Cryptocurrencies.

Making digital investments simple, safe and secure for everyone.

Digital currency and cryptocurrency investments no longer need to be taken offline to keep them fully secure. DAS protect your digital currency, allowing you to safely access it in real time, and keeping it secure at all other times.

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Coincover is the first and only service to guarantee digital funds will not be lost or stolen.

  • 24/7 wallet monitor: Protect your digital currency at all times with early-warning alerts for suspected attacks.
  • Lost key cover: Lost your private key? DAS can help you to recover the funds in your digital wallet.
  • Theft protection: Rest easy with a 100% insurance-backed guarantee in case of cryptocurrency theft. By combining a set of tried and tested security models in a unique way.

David Janczewski – Blockchain pioneer with 10 years in the industry. Delivered government grade solutions with The Royal Mint, CME Group and HM Treasury.

Adam Smith – 20 years building, delivering and supporting technology security products across a range of sectors, from finance to UK Military and Policing.

“Thanks to the Gateway’s network, we were able to meet with senior executives in both insurance and reinsurance. The meeting was entitled “Bonkers or Brilliant?” and, with Stephen and Rob from the Gateway team at our side, we explained our idea to a room of business leaders. After ten minutes, we had finished our pitch and waited for a response. It seemed like an age, although we are told it was no more than a few seconds, the most senior person in the room said “well, it’s not bonkers” and smiled. From that moment, we were on our way and haven’t looked back! We wouldn’t have been at the starting line without the Gateway.”

Adam Smith, Co-Founder at DAS

“When you’re doing something new, it can be hard to find believers. When you’re trying to do InsurTech and Blockchain at the same time it can be almost impossible! From the very start, we had believers in the Gateway team. They have helped us shape big ideas into deliverable solutions and found forward-thinking leaders in the insurance industry who are willing to embrace new opportunities”

David Janczewski, Co-Founder at DAS


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