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Loadsure provides fully digital cargo cover, starting with the underinsured Spot Freight Market.

Powered by predictive analytics, they deliver on-demand spot freight insurance to the U.S. market, all with one easy click.



Johnny McCord has spent 17 years as a Lloyd’s Cargo Broker, broking shippers interest and general cargo business globally.


Jim Heide, COO

Stephen Catlin, Advisor

Rupert Atkin, NED and Chairman

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Traditional insurance options for this market are slow, manual and poorly priced to cover the costs of human intervention.

As a result, 80% of Spot Freight travels without adequate insurance.



Loadsure fills this insurance gap by seamlessly integrating into the transportation booking platform. Shippers, Brokers and Truckers can now easily add insurance with the click of a button, no forms to fill out or spreadsheets to upload.

Loadsure’s fully integrated solution can handle every step of the process; onboarding, risk assessment, real-time dynamic pricing, policy management, payments, sales, support and rapid digital claims handling.

“The Spot Freight industry is a huge market with a complex value chain where a significant volume is not insured or is underinsured. The digital end to end solution created by Loadsure is impressive, as is the scope of their ambition.”

Stephen Catlin, Loadsure advisor

“Insurtech Gateway has given us the confidence and support network to achieve our goals as we take Loadsure to the next level. There are still unforeseen challenges, which the expert Gateway team will guide us through smoothly. Their subtle but supportive approach with Loadsure has been massively appreciated.”

Johnny McCord, Founder, Loadsure


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